AXA Partners pairs up with l’Union Française des Étrangers to provide health assistance to French people abroad

Whether you’re faced with a minor illness or a serious disease or injury, being far from home can be stressful. Because we understand the need for people to have access to healthcare services they trust and to get medical advice in their mother tongue, we have developed a partnership with l’Union Française des Étrangers (UFE). Recognized as being of public utility, the association already takes care of French expatriates in more than 170 countries. Thanks to this partnership, the 3 million French people living abroad can now benefit from health assistance specially designed for them.

  • 82%

    82%of french people living abroad

    only have local healthcare coverage, or no coverage at all.

  • 48


    from which there have been suscriptions to UFE Health Assistance

  • €50,000

    €50,000of medical expenses covered

    in the case of repatriation after a severe bodily injury

Adapting health assistance to fit the French customers’ needs

3 million French people live abroad. While some of them benefit from their companies’ extensive health insurance, most French expatriates only dispose of some kind of local coverage that might be insufficient in case of serious illness. With healthcare costs and coverage varying from country to country, French citizens living abroad need to navigate what public and private health insurances do or do not cover.

Because all French people living abroad deserve peace of mind when it comes to healthcare— especially since the Covid-19 crisis, our partnership with UFE allows any French person to enjoy quality health assistance. Thanks to AXA and UFE, employees, self-employed workers, students and retirees can return to France in case of serious medical problems.

Easy registration, worldwide coverage

UFE health assistance includes:

  • Remote medical consultation 24/7 with a doctor in France
  • Second medical opinion from the best medical specialists in the event of a serious condition
  • Medical evacuation in the event of major physical injury (coverage of up to €50,000 in the case of a necessary medical transfer outside the country of residence)
  • Administrative or psychological support in the event of having to return to France

And because we believe that subscribing to coverage should be accessible and easy for all, our registration process has been designed to be straightforward:

  • Online registration at in just a few clicks
  • No documents nor medical questionnaire to provide
  • A single tarif of 34€/month per client, irrespective of age and country of residence (€1.10 per day).

Our field expertise and the local roots that we have throughout the world mean that we can provide people with support in very difficult situations when they don't have any welfare protection.
To provide them with the coverage they need in serious situations, we have teamed up with a number of major players in the insurance sector and come up with a product that did not exist until now – at least not at a price that made it affordable for many people.

Marc Boudin, General Manager of the UFE

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