Gearing up for the rise of new technologies with evolving protection and security solutions

Telecommunications services have become a fundamental component of today's society, for individuals and businesses alike. Rapid technological or regulatory shifts and customers’ changing needs constantly reshape the sector, but one thing remains: the need for the industry to differentiate and expand the value proposition. At AXA Partners, we are driven to accompany you along the way to achieve your best potential.

Meeting your strategic and competitive objectives

As a lead actor of the telecom industry, providing your customers with quality assistance and protection is key to preserving the trust they put in your services. By partnering with AXA Partners, you make sure that your insurance package and the services you provide to your customers will remain in compliance with the latest tech innovations.

Strengthen your brand

on service and protection dimensions with insurance packages specifically designed for the TelCo industry.

Attract and retain new customers

by offering differentiated and value-added services for their phones and electronic devices.

Develop additional revenue

through the sale of additional services adapted to the specificity of your products.

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Comprehensive services for your customers' mobile devices

We help you provide your customers with protection for their various electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, connected objects and wearables). Thanks to our off-the-shelf or tailored solutions, your customers will be able to enjoy the continuous use of their devices in any circumstance. And we all know how much these have become essential in our daily lives, and how their loss, theft or breakage can be harmful or damaging.
Whether your customer is an individual or a whole household, our teams help you provide them with a wide variety of protection solutions. Check out for instance our SmarTest solution, allowing to protect instantly used smartphones after a condition check performed by AI.

Comprehensive protection for your customers’ digital life

Today’s world lives within a mobile phone. Smartphones, IoT devices, and high-speed wireless connectivity have made information, services, and content available at the touch of an icon. As a result, cybersecurity has become a key issue, on which telecom operators have a role to play, as the “gateway” to the digital world. Help protect your customers against the risks associated with their “digital” life: identity theft, damage to online reputation, cyber-bullying, disputes with e-merchants, etc.
 In order to do so, AXA Partners have some specific Digital Protection products to propose to fixed and/or mobile customers. Our solutions can encompass AXA’s insurance coverage experience and the solution of world-class cyber-security company. Cyber-bullying, identity theft, data theft: we got you covered for a worry-free digital experience.

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Making the most out of a device with complementary services

Our solutions help you provide your customers with best-in-class services, beyond the pure “connectivity”, but with a full legitimacy:

●      Stay present for your mobile customers while they’re on the go: Smart travel insurances allow your clients a full peace of mind when they’re abroad, as they can apply to insurance in just one click on their smartphone, or even through automatic travel detection

●      Cover your broadband and smart Home customers for home emergencies or for extended warranty of their connected appliances, notably TV and laptops: our emergency companion Home Manager gives your customers real-time updates on their Home Assistance requests, and our Extendy product can cover all household appliances against breakdown after the manufacturer’s warranties have expired

Ready to start?

Whether you are a telecom operator, a high-tech manufacturer or a software company, we help you protect customers with new technology for today and tomorrow.

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