Gearing up for new technologies and more protection needs, safeguarding security

From artificial intelligence to the threats of cyber-attacks, the global Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated trends that have long faced the telecommunications industry. In addition, this year, telecoms are gearing up for some of the biggest technological advancements such as the 5G revolution and the advancement of the internet of things (IoT). Evolutions that are already reshaping the telecom sector and accelerating innovation needs on a massive scale. We help you provide new innovations and solutions to your customers.

Designing services to help your customers with their new technologies’ adoption

Technologies are developing at an incredibly fast pace. Take the 5G network which now enables AI, IoT services and machine learning to enhance the digital life of people. This means telecom industries need to create advanced services to address new risks like cyber-security and Data privacy protection. We are building new services and business models to help you design offers to address these evolutions and meet your strategic and competitive objectives.

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Helping you protect your customers with comprehensive mobile phone services

We ensure that the mobile phone solutions that you propose to customers are covered by insurance, legal protection and assistance services. This way, you can provide them with personalized responses, covering needs from protection against theft to cyberbullying among other risks. We also make it possible to combine insurance with the use of a credit card. Like when we launched our travel insurance on WeChat, China’s most popular application.

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Ensure sustainability together with peace of mind

Our proven consumer electronic solutions help you adopt a strategy of sustainable growth by enhancing the services offered to customers. Comprehensive services including our Extended Warranty protects customers from unexpected expenses. Or Mobile Phone & Tablet Insurance ensures that a replacement device is always available in case of breakage or loss. With our solution of device as a service, you bring your customer comfort and serenity.

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Keeping you on top of cybersecurity so your customers are less vulnerable

Today’s world lives within a mobile phone. Smartphones, IoT devices, and high-speed wireless connectivity have made information, services, and content available at the touch of a button. As a result, cybersecurity is a key issue to telecom operators who need to protect data and sensitive customer information. Simply put, we can help you bundle cybersecurity solutions as part of your service offerings to ensure better protection and threat defense for your customers.

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