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For the benefit of all those who live, travel or do business, we work with our partners to create solutions that protect what matters, when it matters. We always push our boundaries to exceed their expectations by being by their side, in emergencies as well as for everyday mishaps.

Promoting both individual success and collective progress gives us strength. What’s more, putting new technologies at the service of growth and well-being drives us. And thanks to our global network of experts and to our commitment to protect and care, we develop innovative partnerships to design solutions adapted to and accessible for all. All to help advance society.

Marie-Louise Elhabre AXA PARTNERS CEO

Marie-Louise Elhabre

CEO, AXA Partners

We put the customer’s delight at the heart of everything we do on a daily basis, thanks to our best asset, our people, and through our technological innovations.
Our DNA is about supporting individuals when they need it the most. We do it digitally when possible and humanly when it matters.

team work at AXA PARTNERS

More than just help in an emergency. A lot more

For the past 60 years, we have been helping people in difficult situations and organizing help worldwide in an emergency, all on your behalf. So, we ensure that all your customers, at home and on the move, feel secure with total peace of mind.

  • 97%

    97%of our Business Partners consider AXA Partners as

    an ethical, environmental and socially conscious partner.

  • 95%

    95%of them consider we help them

    improve their customer loyalty.
    (Business Partners Satisfaction Survey Dec. 2023)

  • 95%

    95%of them agree that we contribute

    to generate additional business value for them.

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