Life and income protection solutions created to fit consumer needs and expectations

AXA Partners’ credit & lifestyle protection acts as a safety net for customers facing an unexpected life event : illness, involuntary unemployment, disability, etc. If they’re sick, unemployed, or can’t work anymore, AXA Partners will help individuals to pay their loans, their bills or provide them with funds to avoid financial issues that add to their misfortune. Our insurance solutions help our partners create additional value to their offer and help their customers preserve their standard of living no matter what happens in their future.

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Protecting what matters…

AXA Partners’ credit & lifestyle protection gives customers the support they need to honor their financial obligations. Whether it’s a mortgage, loan, credit card, or bills, we offer a full range of covers to protect each aspect of our customers’ financial life and therefore their personal life. Policyholders are offered peace of mind as our protection guarantees that no unforeseen event will affect their standard of living.

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… when it matters

Involuntary unemployment, hospitalization, critical illness, temporary or permanent disability, and even death… life is full of unexpected and sometimes dramatic eventswhich can have a deep impact on an individual’s life. AXA Partners’ credit & lifestyle protection prevents these events from turning their lives upside down by providing them with financial relief when they need it the most.

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Bring more value to your customers…

The best way to secure new and existing business is to continue to offer innovative, value-added services such as the ability to digitally embed insurance in our partners customers journey and a seamless digital claiming process. With minimal effort, our partners will be able to stand out from competitors by offering differentiating and smart insurance services for a compelling value proposition and the highest customer satisfaction.

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… thanks to AXA Partners’ unique model

AXA Partners combines global presence with local touch, and offers a unique mix of insurance covers and assistance services. These offers can be provided through flexible models, for instance direct insurance or reinsurance, tailored to client needs.

Providing financial support for every life mishaps

AXA Partners protects what matters when it matters. Involuntary unemployment, accident or illness: life events are unpredictable, but AXA Partners’ services help consumers cope with their financial consequences.

Estelle Hondermarck

Estelle Hondermarck

CIO of AXA Partners France

When you get sick, have an accident or lose your job, you still have to meet your financial commitments.
At AXA Partners, with our Credit & Lifestyle Protection solutions, our purpose is to take this pressure off customers’ shoulders. By helping them repay their mortgage or settle their bills, we offer a relief and they can focus on what is most important: getting back on their feet.

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The insurance helped me during an unexpected situation in my life. And the claim was dealt with very fast.

Silke F., finland unemployment claim.

Fast Processing ! Top service I dealt with Ms H., very friendly and helpful, explained everything to me in a very inderstansable way and helped me very well, regardless of the questions I had.

Dieter D., german disability claim.

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