Discover how AXA Partners are supporting customers preparing their vacations abroad this summer… Find out our travel tips and useful information links on destination country to travel safely and smoothly in today’s COVID 19 world.

Whether going to or through, a traveler's country of destination may have implemented its own health screening requirements.
To stay informed in a constantly evolving pandemic situation, it is highly recommended that you refer travelers to official government or foreign institution websites of the country(ies) they are crossing so that they may have access to accurate information in real time.

For more information about the EU Digital COVID Certificate, travelers can visit the EU Website, or consult the IATA website advising of the latest country's requirements and restrictions within or outside of Europe.

Inside Europe

Staying within the EU will make travelling a great deal easier because all European countries accept paper or digital health certification formats, attesting either
1. individual's vaccination certificate
2. and/or negative PCR test
3. or recovery status regarding COVID-19
provided they comply with the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC).

Nevertheless, each country is free to apply its own health screening requirements and strengthen their requirements towards citizens coming from sensitive regions.

Download the information for Europe countries

Find here a table highlighting the different digital health applications that cover most European traveling destinations. Any one of these applications will allow travelers to cross European borders thanks to a European QR code on the certificate.

Download the PDF

Outside Europe

Beyond ongoing discussions between UE and UK or UE and US towards mutual recognition of countries’ certificates, no common regional or global standard health certificate framework or solution has been agreed yet. Nevertheless, airline companies may provide travelers with a solution (paper or digital) that comply with the health screening requirements of the country they are crossing. Also it would be wise for them to carefully read the documents that are provided along with their booking as they may contain important guidelines that will ultimately improve their overall health certification process.

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