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We are proud to introduce the second episode of the "Real Life Stories" series, showcasing our expertise in overseas medical assistance and repatriation, sometimes under the most challenging circumstances. Based on genuine client testimonials, this series illustrates how, through active listening and empathy, our assistance agents manage a global network of medical professionals and providers to help and protect our customers anytime, anywhere!

For Georgia and Konstantinos it is the last day of their holiday. In a few hours they will take their flight across the Atlantic back to the UK…but it doesn't happen this way.

Georgia and Kosta are confronted with their worst fear as impending young parents: the premature birth of their first child, Ian. Beyond the initial shock and distress, assistance is set in motion, quickly and compassionately, expertly coordinated by assistance agents from AXA' assistance agents in Chicago and London. From one of the best perinatal care services in Los Angeles to the medical repatriation via Air Ambulance, including the organisation of an emergency passport for their baby in record time; every step was meticulously managed, enabling baby Ian’s parents to focus on the care and love that mattered most...

Reality often surpasses fiction. Ian’s parents would certainly agree when remembering and sharing the story of his birth. Beyond the reconstruction of this eventful day, we take3 you behind the scenes. Join the family alongside their lively and playful 10 year old son, as they reflect on their experience, “in their own words.”

It was amazing to have the team from AXA Partners taking care of everything while we were focusing on our baby Ian. The events could have been a disaster, but in the end, it went well because a lot was taken care of by AXA Partners. Today our son is happy and healthy thanks to the AXA Partners agents.

said Konstantinos and Georgia, Ian’s parents.


Marie-Louise Elhabre, AXA Partners' CEO

Our customers safety and well-being are our top priorities. In 2023, more than 8 million assistance cases were supported by our experts. I am proud to lead the teams who action our AXA purpose “Act for human progress by protecting what matters."

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