Reconstructing true events through customer’s testimonials

For the very first time, AXA Partners is reconstructing true events with its end customers and its assistance agents, “in their own words”. The series Real Life Stories is putting the assistance agents in the spotlight with their care and assistance mission and shows how - while listening and nurturing the relationships with the customers - they efficiently manage remotely a global network of professionals and providers to help and protect customers anytime, anywhere.

A first episode highlighting roadside assistance

This 1st film, featuring Joan and Carolina, Sofia’s parents whom we assisted during a challenging situation, demonstrates the collaboration between Judith, our dedicated agent and our network of motor professionals.

Filled with suspense, this episode immerses us in their journey through an authentic reconstruction. The campaign also provides a ‘behind the scenes’ version using their direct testimony.

Discover the heartwarming story of Sofia's reunion with her parents.

Carolina and Joan have been waiting for this day for a long time. In a few hours, they will reunite with Sofia, their 7-year-old daughter, who is returning alone from Honduras after a separation of six months. Their happiness turned into anxiety when, on the way to the airport, their car broke down on the highway. The wait to be reunited has already been too long and Sofia could get a little worried to learn that her parents aren't there to meet her …
Fortunately, Judith and operations experts, at AXA Partners, are doing everything in their power to secure, in record time, a solution for vehicle assistance and, most importantly, a vehicle for transporting Carolina and Joan so that they can be reunited with Sofia and take her back home.
Watch their full story:

The assistance agent took care of us as if it were her own story.

shares Joan, Sofia's father.

Marie-Louise Elhabre

CEO of AXA Partners

Our customers safety and well-being are our top priorities. We stand by them with passion, empathy and expertise to bring delight in moments of truth: this episode illustrates one of those. I am proud to lead the teams who action our AXA purpose “Act for human progress by protecting what matters".

New episodes will be produced in 2024 and will continue to reflect our mission, acting for human progress, combining passion with advanced expertise to protect what matters when it matters.

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Did you know...
Each day, accross the globe, AXA Partners' agents handle 80 000 calls
related to people who seek help.

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