Bespoke Solutions Implemented by AXA Partners' Expert Teams

Holidays are the best time of the year for so many people. Why? Because they finally get the chance to travel! But you may face an emergency abroad that requires medical assistance and repatriation.
Discover a real-life example that shows how AXA Partners organises the repatriation of its policyholders from abroad to their home country.

By being attentive and responsive, the AXA teams were able to quickly reassure Xavier as they made sure he received appropriate care. His wife was able to be with him the whole time until he was repatriated to France. The medical teams, on the other hand, managed to find the best option to ensure Xavier was treated and recovered as quickly as possible.

Everything was perfectly organised. AXA Partners provided a seamless and timely service. I will make sure to have my AXA travel insurance with me on my next trip. You never know. Accidents can happen at any time!

Xavier F., AXA Partners' policyholder

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