Guarantee the safety of our customers in all circumstances

In case of medical issues or accident abroad, one of the solutions can be repatriation. In order to be well taken care of and limit costs, it is essential to have an appropriate coverage.
Every day, we help our customers around the world manage the unexpected, that’s who we are. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, we stepped up our emergency services in response to the new, highly challenging healthcare situation, thanks to an unfailing human chain.

If you want to better understand the reasons of a repatriation and the solutions deployed, have a look at our infographic.

Medical repatriation, the result of an expert human chain

When customers fall sick, our teams are charged with finding them the best local healthcare services available, no matter where they are. When local services are overloaded or inappropriate, our teams arrange medical transportation to ensure our customers are flown to where they can receive the best care according to their needs. 

These videos tell the stories of 3 real customers who faced healthcare emergencies. Our teams delivered a rapid and reliable intervention to ensure medical repatriation or transportation – despite the complex international travel restrictions that were in force. 

Assisting people is at the heart of our business, and our teams are on standby night and day, prepared to support our customers, whatever health crisis they face, and wherever they are. 

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