Flashback on the creation of an innovative and personnalised health protection dedicated to the millions of french citizens living abroad

Union des Français de l’Étranger (UFE) and AXA Partners teamed up with brokerage firm SS2A in September 2020 to launch a brand new service that provides health assistance to French people living abroad. The insurance policy covers day-to-day and emergency care, including remote medical consultations and repatriation.
UFE General Delegate Marc Boudin explains the strategy behind the success of this collaboration.  

Expert view: Frédéric de la Martinière, from AXA Partners

Frédéric de la Martinière

Global health business development at AXA Partners

As an insurer and assistance provider, AXA provides its policyholders with health cover and supports their mobility. That is why we are proud that UFE, which has been working since 1927 to support and assist French people abroad, chose us to create this service.
The main challenge for AXA Partners was to clearly assess the risk, since the aim of the policy is to provide coverage, without a medical questionnaire and with a limited qualifying period, to French people of all ages living all over the world.  
We have drawn on many skills in order to design and roll out this service. First, we had to price the risk in the form of a single premium, with a specific legal package so that we can provide the service anywhere in the world.
Then we developed a simple and practical digital subscription system within which customers can directly manage all their processes. Lastly, we created printed and video materials with UFE and presented the service to the members of parliament and senators representing French people abroad.
It took a few weeks to build the service and reach agreement on the general and special conditions. The UFE Health Assistance policy became available for subscription on a digital platform a few months later. Now, we cover a large number of French people living in over 48 countries worldwide.

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